Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mississippi River Day 14 (Prairie River, 175 miles)

It was a bit warmer today, which made the first few hours nicer. Today started in a wetlands area, and then changed more to a forest as the day went on.

I hit Blackwater Lake without even realizing it, because the entire lake was one big rice field. The channel was still open, but it was no wider than the normal river, nothing to indicate I was going through a lake. However, the distance to the trees indicated that the shore was further away, so I had a rough idea of where I was.

After the lake I hit Pokegama Dam for lunch, where there was a nice picnic area and a few campsites. I had planned on ending here today, but it was still early, so I finished the portage and kept going.

In the town of Grand Rapids the dam was a major problem, which was supposed to call for a 1200 yard portage through downtown streets. Luckily, the power company that owns the dam offers a free portage service. I just had to call the company, and they sent a truck with a canoe rack to pick me up and move my stuff for me. It saved me quite a bit of work, so I was quite happy.

While in town I did some quick grocery shopping, and managed to spend $42. It still feels strange to be able to stock up for longer term, instead of just the next 3 or 4 days. I also did a quick library stop for internet, and posted a few of my days journals. The internet was quite slow, so I didn't bother trying to upload any pictures yet, but they will be coming soon. I have to say, the Grand Rapids library was quite nice, it had a huge window out onto the river, and apparently had bike locks and fishing poles for checkout as well.

Then I got back on the river, so I could get back out of town quickly. I was hoping to make it to Sucher camp at 19 miles, but didnt quite make it before it got dark.

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