Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mississippi River Day 12 (Gamblers Point, 139 miles)

Today was a slow day. It was a bit windy, but nothing like the previous few days. As I was going down the river in a wooded area I was thinking about how the maps called for a bunch of beaver dams previously, but I didn't see any. This was probably due to the high water levels. Then as I looked around at the woods I saw a bunch of gnawed on trees. Right when I rounded a bend, I saw a rather large beaver, just sunning himself on the side of the river. Never say never I guess.

There were also a bunch of birds, but nothing really major. Its starting to get a bit cooler, I'm hoping it will kill off some of the bugs. It could just be a temporary thing though, so I don't really know.

As I was getting a fire going for dinner, I got hit with two sun showers, around 5:00. Bright sun, but pouring rain. The rain caught me off guard, as I had been drying a bunch of my stuff on the picnic tables. Oh well.

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