Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mississippi River Day 22 (Side of river, 301 miles)

Today I spent most of the morning around town, largely in the library. The librarian recognized me from the day before and asked me how long I was in town for. She also told me about a couple that was biking down the Mississippi, and had passed through town the day before. I guess I just missed them. They were talking about bigger days, since biking is easier, so I wouldn't see them for long anyway.

Then, about a half hour later, the librarian motioned a lady over towards me, and it turns out the couple was back in town. The husband apparently developed a heart condition, so the trip was canceled, and they never really left town anyway. I talked a bit with the lady about her travels, and biking in general. At some point I am thinking about some sort of cross country bike trip, but that is a ways off from now.

I stopped at the dollar store to see what kind of junk they were selling, and bought a $2 sweatshirt, to help with the cold nights. I also bought two dog chains, since they were only a dollar each. These dog chains are perfect for practicing poi, something that I had been planning on doing more practicing on my trip. Its nice not having to carry everything, it gives a chance to accumulate some random objects.
As I left town I also took care of one very important item of business. I finally registered my canoe. Now I'm official. Also, officially $24 poorer, but oh well. It might save me a $150 fine for an unregistered boat.

I left town in the early afternoon, but managed to get hit by some pretty good rain storms. I sat out the first few under the shelter of some overhanging trees, and looked for a spot to camp. Right after I found a nice spot to hang for the night, I got hit with a hail storm. Its too early for hail in my opinion, but the weather disagrees with me. Also, lots more wind, as per the usual.

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