Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mississippi RIver Day 36 (Island, 590 miles)

I got an early start today, because I was still worried about wind on Lake Pepin. Fortunately, there wasn't any real wind to speak of, and the lake was relatively calm. It was actually quite nice to be paddling along on such a large body of water, and not have to worry about waves.

I stopped in to Lake City about halfway through the day for the library and supplies. Unfortunately trailjournals seemed to be having some problems, so I couldn't update my journal. I also stopped at Family Dollar to pick up another tupperware tub to keep everything waterproof. All of the large size were missing their lids, so I asked a clerk about it. Apparently all of the lids were damaged in transit, so they gave me a broken one for 50% off. All it needed was a bit of duct tape and it was as good as new. Now everything I have can be kept perfectly waterproof, which is quite nice on rainy days.

After I left town the wind picked up a bit, but not enough to cause any real problems. It was interested because there were a few sailboats out to enjoy the breeze, which I hadn't seen before.

One bad thing about Lake Pepin is there all the mileage markers disappeared, so I had no idea how far along I was. The shoreline was indistinct as well, so I was just guessing based on time how far along I was.

It was getting dark as I came to the end of the lake, but I pushed a bit later because I knew that tomorrow was forecast for severe wind, so I wanted to be off the lake if possible. I also had to cross to the far side, because there was a railroad right next to the near bank, which I knew would keep me up all night long. I found a nice spot on the far bank, and called it quits.

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